CATWALK is Andrew Neu's debut big band CD and was recorded in 2016 at the legendary Eastwest Studios in Los Angeles. This well-rehearsed band of seasoned studio musicians was co-led with trumpeter, Tony Bonsera. The playlist includes eight original compositions as well as the standards Body and Soul, Cinema Paradiso and What Is This Thing Called Love all arranged by Andrew.

Produced by Brian Bromberg.  Featuring Wayne Bergeron, Rick Braun, Randy Brecker, Gordon Goodwin, Eric Marienthal, and Bob Mintzer.

Catwalk Personnel

Jeff Driskill – lead alto
Dan Kaneyuki –alto
Andrew Neu – tenor, flute & alto flute
Vince Trombetta – tenor
Ken Fisher – bari

Anthony Bonsera – lead
Jeff Jarvis
Jamie Hovorka – split lead 3, 7
Mike Stever

Andrew Lippman – lead 4, 6, 11
Paul Young – split lead 1, 3, 8, 10
Charlie Morillas – split lead 2
Dave Ryan – split lead 5, 7, 9
Steve Hughes – bass

Andy Langham – piano
Matt Hornbeck – guitar
David Hughes – bass
Jamey Tate – drums & percussion

Craig Fundyga – Catwalk

Stephanie O’Keefe – Catwalk

Year Released - 2018

Thanks to: Bunny and Edwin Neu, Brian Bromberg, Tom McCauley, Luther Dowdell and Jack White ... and ... Carlyle Barriteau, Bobby and Mary Caldwell, Dave Cianci, Rob Cochran, Tony DeSantis, Bernie Dresel, Jim Eigo, John Ernesto, Tevis and Sheryl Laukat, Jason Long, Peter Neu, Demetrios Pappas, Brian Pastor, John Schmidt, Ben Scholz, BK Son, Dave Stahl, Vic Stevens, Keli Vale, Gerald Veasley and Theo Wanne ... and ... Kendor Music, the Lower Merion Jazz Band, Minas Music, the Swarthmore College Jazz Ensemble.

...and most of all to Kim and Cara Neu ... Love ya!

Thank you to my LA band members that went the extra mile: Anthony Bonsera, Jeff Jarvis, Andrew Lippman, Rob Schaer, Mike Stever, Jamey Tate and Paul Young.

Thank you to all of the amazing guest soloists: Wayne Bergeron, Rick Braun, Randy Brecker, Brian Bromberg, Gordon Goodwin, Eric Marienthal and Bob Mintzer.

Special thank you to: Bev Burkgren, Sally Davis, Naveen Gooneratne, Amy Greenwood, Orlando and Patricia Haddad, Amy and Brad Hughart, Nina and Alan Kirschner, Charlotte and Bill Lessig, Hillary Nelson, Ephi Paul, Alice Reich, Andrew and Susan Rose, Dave Ryan and Yachiyo Shiroyama (and all of Bobby’s girls!)



Everything Happens For A Reason

By blending a unique mix of jazz, R&B, classical and Latin music, saxophonist Andrew Neu delivers a fresh sound to the contemporary music scene.  Whether he's in concert as a solo artist or a sideman, Neu's musicianship and engaging stage presence continue to get the attention of audiences and critics alike.

Andrew's 4th CD is embellished by a horn section and a full orchestra, takes you on a journey around the world.  Andrew co-wrote a song with Bobby Caldwell and arranged a unique take on the jazz classic, Take Five.  Inspired by the soul jazz and Latin music of the 1960s, It's reminiscent of Quincy Jones and Sergio Mendes.

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Andrew Neu Concert in Bethesda, MD Jan. 9, 2014

"Neu, clearly one of the newest members of my "musician of musicians,"€ displayed his exceptional musical skills and imagination for two solid, and I mean solid, €”and continuous hours with a remarkable support group of musicians"


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