Jeff Pifher and Socrates’ Trial

Jeff Pifher - (Tenor Saxophone)
Colin Cook - (Guitar)
Misha Bigos - (Piano)
Nick Campbell - (Bass)
Corey Coverstone - (Drums)
Ian Wurfl (Percussion)

Gina Luciani (Flute)
Nathan Johnson (Trumpet & Flugelhorn)
Juliane Gralle (Trombone)
Aija Mattson (French Horn)

Violin 1: Megan Shung, Dylan Naroff & Yu-Ting Wu
Violin 2: Rhea Fowler, Leah Zeger & Koyo Kim
Viola: Emily Gregg, Dmitri Yevstifeev & Laila Zakzook
Cello: Jeness Johnson, Jacob Szekely & Mikala Schmitz
Bass: Freddy Hernandez
Vocals: Lilliana De Los Reyes, Danny Wirick & Jaime Van Der Sluys
Harlan Hodges (Arranger & Conductor)

Pifher’s original compositions were inspired by the sounds of both classical and jazz legends as well as his desire to transform rhythms into melodies that tell a story. The influence of rock, pop, and even classical sounds on a band members, combined with jazz roots as reflected in extended improvisations result in an expressive yet cohesive playing style that makes for a memorable and entertaining audience experience.

Recorded April 3rd and 21, 2018
Woodshed Recording Studio, Malibu CA

Year Released: 2019

Jeff Pifher_Alternate Futures Past Realities_OS PROOF.png