Floating in Winter

Jim Self, Tuba/Fluba         John Chiodini, Guitars

This recording was inspired by the musical connection between John Chiodini and myself.  We met playing in David Angel’s 13 piece jazz band, I loved John’s playing and he was complimentary about mine.  A tuba and guitar duo may seem odd but it turned out to be a beautiful sound, so we decided to make this recording. John and I have a wide palate of musical interests and these songs reflect our love of great melodies and interesting chord changes. The pairing of guitar and tuba frees up the low part of my instrument and the natural blend of the two instruments creates a warm and rich sound.   - Jim Self

This recording is dedicated to our friend David Angel. His jazz band is uniquely swinging and hip with all 13 musicians playing contrapuntal lines and soloing. David inspires me to grow as a jazz musician and is one of the most respected composer/arrangers in Los Angeles.

Yamaha 822S F Tuba (custom made by Shuichi Kojima)
Fluba (built by Robb Stewart from Yamaha parts)

Epiphone electric guitar (Joe Pass Model)
Ovation 12 string acoustic electric guitar (custom model)
Adamas Nylon String Acoustic electric (custom model)

Produced by Jim Self

Recorded and Mixed April/May 2017 at Tritone Studio, Glendale CA by Talley Sherwood--assisted by Harriet Tam
Mastering: Peter Doell, Aftermaster Studios, Hollywood, CA
Cover Art: Christian Bond
Package Design: Dave Amason

Special thanks: Winston Morris, Kyle Mendiguchia, Bill Booth, Joe Self, Jamie Self, Sergio Carolino, John Pisano and to Harvey Phillips, George Roberts and Sam Pilafian for inspiration.


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