The One O’Clock Lab Band is one of the first bands I heard about when I was just learning about this
music. Their stellar reputation has preceded them for many years. It was an absolute pleasure to work
with this fantastic band, which continues its tradition of excellence.
Christian McBride
The One O’Clock Lab Band has produced many fine musicians over the years. I have performed with
some of the graduates and this group is over the top.
Jimmy Heath
Playing with this band was a total joy; they had all the music completely covered so I could easily swoop
in and play in a relaxed way. Time, feel, phrasing, and sound were all top notch. Best of all was feeling
the excitement they radiated about playing music. This is the kind of energy the world needs.
Chris Potter
My god, what can I possibly say!? It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play with the One O’Clock
Lab Band. I was proud to be up there with these kids and they played their butts off. It’s as good as it
gets. The University of North Texas is a tremendously inspirational place.
Doc Severinsen
The UNT One O’Clock Lab Band contains musicians mature well beyond their years. Amazing ensemble
playing and burning solos set these young men and women apart from the pack. It was a pleasure to
share the stage with them.
Rashawn Ross
Playing with the One O’Clock Lab Band was an intense experience!  Never mind the outstanding chops
and attention to all the musical minutiae that the One O’Clock has been known for over the last 70
years. These young musicians took my music so seriously and upheld an environment of respect and
collegiality that music making thrives in, open to collaboration and critique. It was definitely an
experience I’ll always cherish.
Audrey Ochoa
The UNT One O’Clock Lab Band is one of the finest big bands around.  I was fortunate enough to play
with the 2017–2018 One O’Clock and it was truly a pleasure to share the stage with them.
Marshall Gilkes

Recorded at Crystal Clear Recording, Dallas TX

Year Released: 2018

North Texas Jazz