Lauren Elizabeth Baba

theBABAorchestra is a Los Angeles based 17-piece experimental big band performing original new instrumental works by composer, conductor, and bandleader, Lauren Elizabeth Baba.  Amidst intricately woven melodies and massive brass textures are subtly creeping rock grooves and a generally dark ambience; creative music drawing from free jazz, avant-garde, drone-rock, and Middle Eastern folk.

theBABAorchestra_Another Ride on the Elephant Slide_CMYK.png


Upcoming Events

Thursday July 19th @ Cooks Chapel (440 S Anaheim Blvd. Anaheim, CA)

Thursday August 9th @ Hammer Museum (10899 Wilshire Blvd. LA, CA)

Saturday October 6th @ Angel City Jazz Festival - Los Angeles Jazz Society’s 2018 “New Note” Commissioned Artist [premier of commissioned work] - Ford Theater (2580 Cahuenga Blvd. LA, CA)

theBABAorchestra performing "Another Ride on the Elephant Slide"

theBABAorchestra performing "t.i.m.e. [the immediate measure (of) energy]"

As one of the up-and-coming female big band composers and bandleaders, Baba has been gaining recognition on various fronts; she received the 2012 ASCAP Young Jazz Composers Award for her work 144, a commission from West Ranch High School to compose a new work t.i.m.e. [the immediate measure (of) energy], and Idaho State University and other educational institutes have purchased selections from theBABAorchestra’s repertoire to feature in their jazz concert programs.

Lauren has recently been chosen as the Los Angeles Jazz Society’s 2018 “New Note” Commissioned Artist and her new work for theBABAorchestra will be premiered in October at the Ford Theater.  In the next few months, theBABAorchestra will also be releasing their complete repertoire of published scores and parts as well as a series of music videos from their live show earlier this year, part of the Angel City Jazz Festival’s Jazz Night.

theBABAorchestra moves beyond conventional jazz by bringing an inventive, compelling, and untraditional take on large ensemble music to Los Angeles’ burgeoning jazz underground.

Recorded August 28, 2016 and mixed by Samur Khouja at Seahouse Sound Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Year Released: 2018
Thirsty Owl