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I'm All For You
Winner of the 2018 New Mexico Music Awards best Jazz CD

A collection of songs that celebrate YOU in life, love, loss and living.  I'd like to thank my friends and loved ones for supporting me thru the years in pursuing my dreams.  I dedicate this album to you.  Special thanks to John Rangel, whose skills and talents as musician and producer made this project a success.  The band absolutely swings!  Most of all Andreas, I thank you for your thoughtfulness and great love.  Without you this dream would never be a reality. I love you always.  I hope everyone who listens to this has a memory of something wonderful and knows without a doubt... I'm all for you.  -Ty Cooper

Year Released: 2017 

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Known for her rich, classically trained voice, powerful stage presence and dedicated professionalism, Ty Cooper is, as the Las Vegas Times has called her, “the real deal”. Her impeccable showmanship and an easy command of jazz, sultry blues and sizzling swing styles, all wrapped up in flash and sass, guarantee a full house wherever Cooper graces the stage. 
Cooper began her career singing in the choir of 'The Mikado’ where she caught the eye of Jacquelin de Lusigan, featured mezzo-soprano at the Belle Artes of Mexico City. Singled out for individual training, Cooper dedicated the next 3 years to unique technique development sessions with Lusignan. Cooper went on to sing as Mrs Peachum in ‘Mack the Knife’ and Oom Pah Pah (specifically written to feature her). On going theatre work which brought discipline to her voice and expanse to her stage presence. Cooper, however, found herself drawn inexorably toward jazz and blues. With the determination and confidence she is so well known for, Cooper performed on stages large and small across the globe, growing her repertoire and developing the rich quality and range that is her signature. . 
A global performer, Cooper has sung in locales as varied as Caesar’s in Las Vegas, Chicago’s legendary Green Mill, Caveau de la Huchette (the oldest jazz club in Paris), and the opulent Wynn Hotel in Dubai. She has led multiple productions and bands, including Swing & Strings, Ty and the Wild Women Jazz Band, and The JazzShowcase with Shelly Yoelin Big Band, Close Encounterscwith Richie Cole, to name a few. She has also shared billing with legendary performers such as Taj Mahal, Stan Getz, Jeff Hamilton, Ray Brown and many other jazz greats. Recently, Cooper was named as a ‘We Dream in Color’ honoree, receiving the Josephine Baker’ Faith’ Award in 2014. This award is given to people who strive to do humanitarian works throughout Chicago. 
Among fellow musicians and music promoters Cooper is a beloved performer known for "that rich smoothness we all look for in a classic Jazz Vocalist." Ty Cooper is that rare breed of singer both musicians and audiences adore; a consummate professional who delivers every time she steps on stage.


“Having fun is what Cooper is after. She loves this music and she wants you to love it, too...Blessed with a classically trained voice that roams freely over several octaves, she calls on a lifetime of intense memories to color her interpretations the way a painter calls on a rich palette of colors for every emotion...You're thinking 50 shades of gray? She has 150.” ...Instantly you know this is where the classic American songbook has a true friend. Whether she happens to be having her way with a sweetly swinging melody or a sensual ballad, Cooper knows where to find all the good parts.”

— Chuck Graham, Let the Show Begin - tucsconstage.com - March 20th, 2017

"[Cooper] is reminiscent of Alberta Hunter and Billie Holiday with a little Ella blended in. She has the gift of talent, and she has the audience rapport to back it up."

— Ruth Mills, The Tribune

"She is a lady of substance who puts intensity and power into her gorgeous singing. Her personality overwhelms the bandstand. Even when an instrumentalist is soloing and Cooper is standing, swaying slightly with eyes closed, her strength glows."

— Guy Richardson, Reno Gazette-Journal

"Her warm, sensitive way with a lyric highlighted the emotions for which her material was composed... Having settled in jazz more for self expression than for self promotion, Cooper does what she does with consideration and polish... Her style is straightforward and her voice lovely in tone, quality and range."

— Mark Crawford, Reno Gazette-Journal


Email - tycooper613@sbcglobal.net