The Other Side Of The Story

When we think of a drummer, we often think of a musician in the background. 47-year-old Matt Kane is at a point in his career where he takes charge from behind the drums as a jazz artist, composer, and bandleader. His fourth album, The Other Side of the Story—the first to feature entirely original compositions was produced by legendary drummer Michael Carvin. Accompanying Matt are two fellow Midwesterners, Peter Schlamb and Mark Peterson, along with Vic Juris and Klaus Mueller. The new album contains a wide swath of rhythm, and is not limited to traditional jazz tropes.

“The Geography of Sound”

These songs echo a number of places he’s lived and visited and his experiences in these places mark his evolution. Hannibal, Missouri, The Ozarks, Eureka Springs and of course, New York City.

Matt Kane_The Other Side of the Story.png

Recorded May 16 - 18, 2018
Systems Two, Brooklyn NY - Year Released: 2018
Bounce Step Records